What is Cobb’s Haunt?

Cobb’s Haunt is an 11+ Acre unlit haunted corn maze in Louisville, Kentucky.
Where it’s just you and a few new night time buddies…


What are your rules?

1. No running. If you are truely frightened and need to leave the maze, ask one of the Zombies, Scary Beings and/or  Dead Things to escort you out. Sadly corn fields do not have “chicken doors” and running through corn is like running through daggers.

2. No smoking. Flame + Dry Corn = Everyone going to hell before we are ready.

3. No Liquor or Adult Beverages on the premises.

4. Do not touch the crew/cast…they will not touch you. They will get very close, but not touch. If you choose to touch a member of our crew/cast you will be escorted off the premises.


What are your hours?
Our opening weekend is October Third we will sell tickets from 9pm – Midnight .

We are open

October 3 & 4 (SCARE FREE WEEKEND)

October 10 & 11

October 17 & 18

October 24 & 25th



How much does it cost?
$15.00 a person no matter the age.


How long does it take to get through the entire maze?
Average in 2012 was 45. If your directionally challenged…who knows?!


Are you handicapped accessible?
Our path to the entrance of the maze is grass and is definitely doable in a wheel chair. The maze itself it tilled under then rolled over with a concrete roller. We have had many electric wheel chairs go through the maze. Please keep in mind it is a long distance to walk. If you think you may be unable to walk… I wouldn’t suggest trying.

If you are on crutches, use a cane, have “bad” knees,  or tire easily we do NOT recommend trying our maze. We have no way to get you out if you tire. There are NO chicken doors or rapid exits.


Can my young child come?
As a parent or guardian the final decision is up to you. We are a very scary unlit haunt. On nearly every occasion anyone under 13 goes in, they do not make it past the first 20 yards. We have adults who can’t even make it that far.


If  we are scared can you tell your crew to not scare us?


Are there any animals in the maze?
Not intentionally. However we are out in the middle of no where…


Are there strobes?


Do you have lit paths?
No none at all. There are a few battery operated strobe lights randomly through out.


Am I allowed a flash light?


Are you Hiring?
If you are truly interested in working at Cobb’s Haunt feel free to message us via facebook ( with your resume! Feel free to be creative! Thinking outside the box goes a long way.